when authenticity + multiple social media platforms = overwhelm

October 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

how do you manage?

So you want to be "authentic and active" on social media so you read #allthethings, which tell you what? That you need to have 37 social media accounts and post 543 times daily and be real and funny and respond to all the comments and you're like NOPE. I'M DONE. 

I was talking to a woman this weekend who was telling me she was struggling with what and how to do check-in posts at events because her role and job needs to be a bit secretive (I can't tell you so just let's roll with me being vague). I asked her what I thought was a simple question - why do you need to check in? Her answer? "I don't know, because I'm supposed to be authentic and so I can stay relevant or whatever."

We had a quick conversation about whether or not it matters to her target audience if she checks in at a conference or a networking event, and the answer is likely no. And then I asked if she felt that doing the things were aligned and felt authentic, and she said no.

One of the challenges with reading content about creating social media content is that we don't know which content to choose to follow that's going to be relevant for us, for our goals, for our business. When you think about  your social media and think "O. M. G. I cannot possibly handle one more thing," you've got a case of overwhelm. 

Stop and think:

  • do i really need to use this platform?
  • am i reaching my target audience?
  • does it feel aligned with my goals?
  • does it help me grow my business or get engagement?

If the answer to these is no, expend your energy elsewhere. Look strategically at your social media and when/where/what you're posting - and if it's not getting engagement or reaching your target market, if it's not growing your business or your brand, IT'S NOT YOUR TARGET PLATFORM. I give you permission to step away, and I promise it will be all good. If your goal is to network with businesses - post on LinkedIn. If your goal is to connect with the mid-20something set, Instagram+Snapchat would be your jam. Yes, having a Facebook page helps with the SEO for your website, but if you're not using it and it's just sitting there, it's really not helping your SEO. 

So be deliberate, intentional and authentic in a way that aligns with your goals for your business and supports success, not overwhelm. Think strategically about who you're trying to reach and what you want to offer them, and do the things that will help you grow not weigh you down. 

What are you going to let go of today to reduce your social media overwhelm?





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